What you DON’T WANT is your motivation

You know what you want: lose weight, stop drinking, more peace in your life, less work, a happier marriage, a new job, a new country and/or a deeper understanding of yourself to name a few. 

But chances are what led you to deciding to make this change is based upon things in your life that you no longer want: hangovers, not enjoying what you see in the mirror, a self concept, stress, insomnia, arguments, boredom, a sense of being stuck and/or real feeling of disconnect with yourself.  These are the feeling and emotions that you want to leave behind and your change is to move you away from these.   These are very powerful and the spark that is fueling you drive to make your change happen.

After I quit drinking, I was in a bit of a fragile state.  There were days that I wanted to drink for a variety of reasons.  What kept me not drinking was not the idea of being sober, but the idea of what I didn’t want in my life.  All the stuff I had removed: the unhealthiness, the hangovers, the dependency, the slavery, the mood shifts, my fat face, and the lack of control.   That is what kept me going.  That is what drove and supported my change in the early days.

Think about what is it you want to give up in your life and work from there?

What could you happily leave behind?

Where would it lead you?

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6 thoughts on “What you DON’T WANT is your motivation”

    1. Agreed Sandi. It gets things going without having to have a well scripted goal. As things move forward, you can then craft where it is you are going, and all the while, you’re moving out of the situation you knew you wanted to end. Cheers for that.

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