The words you choose and your comfort zone

Our own limits make us smaller

Staying within our limits is designed to make us feel safe.  We can challenge ourselves up to the point where we think our limits lie, stay connected to the ideas that help support our own view of the world and believe that “this” is our zone that that is “their” zone.

However, over time that already small  zone starts to shrink and the idea of staying within our limits feeds the cycle and subsequently it gets smaller and smaller.

What holds us back from stepping out?

Is it ego and fear of trying something new and not looking good while doing it?  Is it lethargy and the ease of habit and routine?  Or is it something else?

Defining our limits into what we are comfortable with and what we are not does more than just draw lines in the sand and put up walls:  it makes us smaller and less actualized in our potential.

Changing how we define our comfort zone

What if we could reverse the circles so that the larger circle was the default, comfort zone and the smaller one represented only a few things that we wouldn’t do?   What if we could define our comfort zones based on beliefs or core values rather than simple actions?

Our comfort zone can often be a collection of thoughts such as:

  • I’m in this career now, I might as well ride it out.
  • I’ve smoked/drank for a long time, I doubt I could quit even if I wanted to.
  • I’ve always wanted to travel, but I’m not the traveler sort.
  • I’ve wanted to speak up for a while, but I’m known as the shy one.
  • I’d love to change “this” part of my life, but people wouldn’t understand it.

What if all of these statements of the comfort zone were replaced with statements like:

  • I’ll do anything that helps me to be a better person mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Just because I’ve never done it, doesn’t’ mean I can’t
  • I won’t let doubt and fear be reasons of not trying
  • I’m not the people around me

This shift in perspective gives us permission to make our actions limitless and that circle of the comfort zone will expand over time rather than shrink.

What statements in your comfort zone could you replace so that they fuel your life rather than eat away at potential and possibility?

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