The question of “what would it take?”

The ideas in our head

These ideas are the ones that keep coming up but never get acted on.  They are exciting, motivating and get our hearts going, but are quickly quelled out by fear, financial concerns, how you perceive your age, fictional voices of others and ideas of how life should be lived.

But what would it take for you to let one of these ideas remain on the forefront of your mind?  Those ideas you have about trying something, quitting something, or even being something are part of you and if given enough room to breath could be put into motion.

These ideas are often not that farfetched and simply by addressing them, discussing them and/or moving forward with the smallest of actions, the possibility of what they really could become is much more visible.

A large part of life coaching is allowing the client to dive into those areas and ideas in their mind that they have assumed are untouchable.  Helping them give themselves permission to float in the uncertainty of their ideas is not only a vital exercise, but an extremely rewarding one for both client and coach.


If you could today replace the voices in your head of doubt, fear and nay-saying with the simple idea of possibility and the phrase “What if?”, what is one action that would move you forward TODAY?  How does it feel to be in the light of possibility rather than the darkness of impossible?

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2 thoughts on “The question of “what would it take?””

  1. Mr. Morton! Oh my god, I didn’t realize the link you posted was to your blog (I didn’t even know you kept a blog) until I clicked on the “float in the uncertainty” link and saw your face LOL..I really like what you said on it – it takes me back to the whole idea that everything is left to potential when you don’t make a decision. And I think I was maybe too dangerously attached to that idea. Even if I didn’t really have a chance to seriously incorporate it into my decision making – since I didn’t have a whole lot of critical decisions to make in my life thus far – I just considered it as a superficially philosophical excuse to do nothing.. It’s because of this Belgian film I saw (titled Mr. Nobody directed by Jaco Van Dormael – you should watch it if you haven’t! What I’ve managed to extract out of it is just the gist of what the director was trying to say..maybe you could explain it to me after you watch it..and the cinematography is beautiful. ANYWAYS-) and I thought it’s a decent way to live my life by, giving myself a break from what everyone else seemed to be stressing over. But you know what, you’re right. The only way to go forward IS to do something…since, unfortunately, life takes place in the physical world…. :(

    1. HI Jenny. What a great comment. I’ve not seen that movie but I will watch it soon and get back to you with my take on it. Your raise an interesting point about how life only takes place in the physical world. The idea of this post it not just about physical action (like getting something done), but also about taking action of how we think and allow ourselves to be. For example, a person that is constantly hard on themselves and overly critical to the point of making themselves miserable, could take that idea of being kinder to themselves and implement it the next time that they start up. Or, a person that is trying to quit something like overeating, drinking, smoking, video games, etc, their action is NOT doing rather than doing AND changing their mental relationship with that vice.
      It’s about stimulus and response and finding that gap between how we react to the world. Rather than letting habits take over, we can choose what we want to do. And that ties into letting our thoughts about change float out there in front of us and pick other options (be kinder, be more active, be healthier, study harder, get up earlier, or whatever it is that those thoughts we often stifle away are “suggesting” that we do).
      I look forward to hearing more from you.

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