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The importance of reflection and what it means to you

The changing perspective

When I lived in Colombia, a friend and I climbed up Mt. Tolima just outside a small town called Ibaque near Bogota.  I’m not a climber but I’m told going over 5000m is an accomplishment in the trekking world.
We started out on our two day and two night trek, and standing at the bottom, looking up at the snow capped summit, was intimidating.  The distance, work, and effort seemed enormous from our point of view.  Nevertheless, we took that first step and headed upwards.

As we ascended, there was no one step to the next that showed our process, but the more steps we took, there was less mountain in front and more of it behind.  It was a slow, gradual change and when we stopped at different intervals to evaluate our progress, it changed our perspective.  It was no longer the same hike that we started out doing; we had shortened the distance.

Are you reflecting?

A common point of discussion I have with people is about the magnitude of how they perceive what it is that they are trying to do.  In the beginning, it is vital that you simply start no matter how small or large you perceive the effort.  That simple act of starting puts some of your mountain behind you and has already shortened what is in front of you.

But after that start, it is equally important that you stop and pause along the road.  The shades of change as you go will be hard to notice one step to the next, but if you take moments to reflect on what you have put behind you and what remains in front, you will be able to not only see progress, but fully appreciate how much less is left in front of you.

It is sometimes easy to keep viewing what you have to do from the perspective of the start, or just trudge forward without valuing your efforts up to that point, but by combining time to reflect on how far you have come AND how much less is in front, then your efforts and motivation can be continually renewed.


What have you been working at that needs some acknowledgement with a look to how much you have done and how much less is left in front?  Are you going up the mountain with your head down or taking time to appreciate your efforts?

Photo Credit (an original from the trip to Mt. Tolima)

2 thoughts on “The importance of reflection and what it means to you”

  1. Another great post Craig. The question is a great one for me to reflect upon. As the school year draws to a close, I find myself wondering from time-to-time what I have accomplished in this year off. When I actually stop and think about it, a smile spreads across my face and I know, that I like where I am headed; one step at a time.

    1. Hi Diane. Great stuff. You’ve had a quite a year and I’m glad that you recognize it. As well, lots of great things (ie. teaching yoga to teachers) is still coming your way. Here’s to you.

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