Don’t let the change make you

The plain facts

If you need to make a change, then make the change.  You need to make a different choice.  You need to choose something else.

Growth is going to happen with a challenge. And a challenge is only going to happen by taking a step into the unknown.

You know what needs changing in your life.  We all do.  But we don’t always do it.  And the fact of the matter is is that we can analyze, talk, discuss and justify why it hasn’t happened yet, but the simple formula to changing is making a change.

If you need to lose weight, eat less and exercise more.  If you want to be happier, choose a new perspective.  If you want to manage your time, organize yourself.

If you want, then do.

You choose rather than be chosen

The good news is that the change does not have to be monumental or overwhelming.  It is a first step.  A new routine, a mild deviance from the norm and/or more or less of what you are already doing.  That first step will lead to more steps and take you further into the unknown and therefore into growth.  If you decide today to start chipping away at it, and choose even the smallest of aspect of change, then more change will come.

The bad news is if you wait long enough, the change will come to you but it won’t be on your terms.    When you choose, it is on your terms.  But if you wait, the change will occur but not in ways that you’ll be in control of or even like. Ignoring things don’t make them go away; they come back and choose you.  You no longer have a choice.

Doing it now is a choice.  What will you choose today?

My role as a life coach is to support you through the choices.  When things become scary or difficult, it is not time to quit but to keep going.  A coach helps you to keep going, keep your goals in perspective and harness the uncertainty you are feeling while moving you deeper and deeper into your change.


What change could you make today on that “something” you know needs to be attended to?  What is it that you know you have been avoiding but sooner or later will come back to change you?

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